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Expansion Capabilities:
7000 Card Readers / 1 Million Card Holders

The M - Series: Traditional Power Supply & Enclosure

The P - Series: High Power PoE+


iTRUST is manufactured in two unique system packages that level the playing field for all security installers:

Pure IP Expandable Access Control

iTRUST Enterprise is a 100% IP server based access control solution that is scalable to meet an organization’s security needs. Each UDC board on an iTRUST system is capable of running independently ensuring an organization’s unique security demands are operational at all times. iTRUST Enterprise provides real time single point or group status and control from any device, anywhere, anytime. The credential management is simplified and user-friendly allowing easy enrollments which includes integrated photo-ID badging with predefined badge templates and custom badge design tool. .

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These two iTRUST options are designed to meet the end customer's specific security requirements while conforming to every individual security installer's networking expertise, historical installation experience and technical comfort level.

The iTRUST Experience is evolutionary, yet simple; establishing absolute comfort with a proven state-of-

the-art security product hat delivers value to both customers and dealers throughout each phase of the procurement life-cycle - from purchase to installation, use, upgrade and maintenance.

iTRUST is engineered for direct access control applications up to 32 doors (+80 Aperio Wire-less Locks). The technology backbone of iTRUST is the Monitor Dynamics' Unified Digital Controller (UDC) – the industry’s first 2-door, Power Over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) web based access controller.The UDC delivers simple plug-and-play installation utilizing PoE+ power that is capable of powering door locking hardware and card readers directly, while reducing overall installation cost, configuration and maintenance time. iTRUST technology empowers any type of organization in need of access control with processing power, ease of installation, mobility and a modern 100% IP solution. The UDC comes standard with 1.6 AMP POE+ power output and a dual port Ethernet IP panel that ties each iTRUST UDC within the system together via TCP/IP in a plug-and-play auto-configurable environment.

Utilizing a Linux-based processor for stability, the UDC is a “server-less” web-based edge appliance capable of operating as a stand-alone single board computer at the door. The UDC makes entry and exit decisions in zero degraded mode and has a lock-down feature to instantly lock all doors. The UDC’s remote internet configuration, reporting and management capability (from any industry standard browser) and the iTRUST access system’s affordable price, sustainable power savings and low total cost of ownership - make it the perfect choice in turn-key access control solutions.