Established in 1979, Monitor Dynamics is a US manufacturer of unified security management technology that integrates access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection into an open-architecture, command and control IP platform. Monitor Dynamics is a proven leader in managed security solutions for federal government, military, corporate, and commercial enterprises. Monitor Dynamics provides two access control solutions: SAFEnet, an award-winning software/hardware technology platform that unifies security products allowing real-time, total integration at the highest level of security standards; and, iTRUST, a pure IP-based solution requiring no computers, software, or licensing fees.


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iTRUST is highly evolved amongst a short list of other IP-based access control systems and differentiates itself by being very easy to install, use and afford. We call this the iTRUST Experience.

The iTRUST Experience increases the comfort level for both the end user (ease of use based on computer experience) and the security installer (ease of installation based on networking capabilities). iTRUST is designed with the latest access control technology for quick implementation and is the clear choice for all integrators serving organizations that are searching for a proven security system that is affordable, end-user friendly, easy to install and maintain.

There are no software license fees which allows integrators the opportunity to implement their own service agreement with the end user creating RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue).

iTRUST keeps access control simple, modern and inexpensive by focussing on select key industry features and standards ensuring functionality, reliability and true access security.



There are no licensing fees

associated with iTRUST.

Increase Your RMR

(Recurring Monthly Revenue)

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